BMW отзовет в России 866 автомобилей для проверки ремней безопасности

In Russia, 866 German-made BMW X1 (F48 series), X2 (F39 series) cars manufactured between January and March 2022 will be recalled, the reason being a possible malfunction of seat belts. On May 11, Rosstandart announced this on its website.

“On the affected cars, front seat belts were installed (on the driver’s side and on the passenger’s side), on which the gas microgenerator may have been damaged during manufacture,” Rosstandart noted.

This in an emergency can lead to incorrect restraint function for the driver or passenger. The recalled vehicles will have the belts checked and, if necessary, replaced free of charge.

Authorized representatives of the manufacturers of BMW RUSLAND TRADING LLC will inform the owners of vehicles subject to recall by letters or by phone about the need to bring the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repair work.

Also, owners can independently determine whether their vehicle is subject to recall. To do this, you need to match the VIN code of your own car with the attached list.

“If the car falls under the recall program, the owner of such a car must contact the nearest dealership and agree on the time of the visit,” Rosstandart added.

On March 28, the German company Audi will recall 1,226 A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8 models sold from 2019 to 2022 from the Russian market. Wheel alignment will be checked on them and, if necessary, repairs will be made free of charge.

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